7:30 P.M.(note time change!)


Chairman: Ben Olsen, PPC



 2018 Meeting Dates: January 31, May 30,August 29, October 31 

Hosted by Broad Ripple Post 3






2010 THRU 2015

The “Legionnaire of the Year” award was designed by the Past Commanders Club of  Post 3 to recognize those Legionnaires who have contributed exceptional and outstanding service to the advancement of  The American Legion programs and community activities.  It was noted that our Officers and Comrades were diligently supporting our Post’s interests and the commitments of our constitution within the American Legion program. This dedication and activities were extended above and beyond the duties of any Office they may hold in our Post.  With this in mind, we are proud to have re-established this program and have presented the following individuals as recipients of the Legionnaire of the Year Award at the February 3, 2016 Post meeting:

                              2010,  Past Commander Robert T. McGuire.

                           2011, Past Commander William F. Diehl.

                        2012, Past Commander David V. Koss.

                               2013, Past Commander William R. Boone.

                          2014, Past Commander John L. Miller.

2015,  Andrew J. May.

 This re-establishes this annual award, when directed by the Past Commanders Club of Post 3.

Past Commanders Club of Post 3

David V. Koss PPC





Award of Appreciation:


The American Legion



Award of Appreciation


This 97th Anniversary award of appreciation is gratefully presented to


The Comrades of Broad Ripple Post 3


In recognition and sincere appreciation of outstanding service and assistance which contributes to community service and veterans

helping veterans with The American Legion programs

and activities dedicated to God and Country.


Presented by the Past Commanders Club Post 3


Broad Ripple Post 3, Department of Indiana


This 13th day of March, 2016


David V. Koss, PPC





April 29, 2015






  1. Review of the Bylaws of the Past Commanders Club Post 3.


Article I                                                          NAME

Sec. 1.             The name shall be “THE PAST COMMANDERS CLUB, POST 3, The American Legion”.


Unanimous approval.


Article II                                                  MEMBERSHIP

Sec. 1              The membership shall be limited to the past commanders of Broad Ripple, Post 3 and all past commanders of any post, who are paid-up members of Broad Ripple Post 3, The American Legion.


Unanimous approval.


Article III                                                    QUORUM

Sec. 1              A quorum shall consist of a majority of the voting members present.


Unanimous approval.


Article IV                                                       DUES

Sec. 1              Dues shall be $5.00 per year, payable July 1st of each year.  Receipt shall be by a rubber stamp “Paid-PCCP3” stamped on the back of members Legion card.


A motion to suspend annual dues, until the club becomes more active.  Unanimous approval.


Page 2


Article V                                                     OFFICERS

Sec. 1.             The Election of Officers shall be Automatic.  On July 1st of each year, the INCOMING Past Commander shall automatically be the Secretary-Treasurer. 


Unanimous approval.


Sec. 2.             The Secretary-Treasurer WHO SERVED FOR THE PAST YEAR will automatically be the President and presiding officer of the Past Commanders Club, Post 3.


Unanimous approval.


Article VI                                                INSTALLATION

Sec. 1.             The Officers shall be installed the first regular meeting of the club, following the installation of the officers of Broad Ripple Post 3.


Unanimous approval.


Article VII                                                  MEETINGS

Sec. 1              Regular meetings will be held on the fifth Wednesday of any month having five Wednesdays, unless otherwise directed by the President. 


Unanimous approval.


Sec. 2.             Meetings may be held at the Legion Post or other place selected. 


Unanimous approval.


Sec. 3.             If food and other costs are incurred, each member attending shall pay his portion of the expenses.


Unanimous approval.


Article VIII                                        PURPOSE OF CLUB

Sec. 1.             The purpose of the Past Commanders Club shall be to promote the interests of Broad Ripple Post 3.


Unanimous approval.


Sec. 2.             The Past Commanders Club stand ready at all times to cooperate and assist the Post Commander in his annual program, with initiations, memorials, parades, funerals, and installations.


Unanimous approval.


Page 3


Sec. 3.             The Past Commanders Club will provide an annual award for the outstanding Legionnaire of Broad Ripple Post 3, providing that he or she is any member, other than the Commander.  This will be awarded at The American Legion birthday dinner, following the end of the calendar year.


Article IX                                          AMMENDMENTS

Sec. 1.             Any article of this constitution may be amended by submitting the proposed amendment in writing at one meeting and passed by the two-thirds majority of the members present at the following meeting.


Unanimous approval.


Amended April 29, 2015                                                                   PCCP3-BYLAWS.BRP


  1. Discussion was opened to consider selecting the Outstanding Legionnaire of Broad Ripple Post 3, from 2010 through 2014 and proceeding annually.

  2. A motion was made and seconded.There was a unanimous approval.

  3. Nominations were selected as follows:


  4. For 2010 will be Robert T. McGuire.

  5. For 2011 will be William F. Diehl.

  6. For 2012 will be David V. Koss.

  7. For 2013 will be John L. Miller.

  8. For 2014 will be William R. Boone.


  9. A motion was made, and seconded, to accept these nominations.


    There was a unanimous approval.


  1. We opened a discussion to consider publishing Post 3 activity articles in the Broad Ripple Gazette?


John Miller volunteered to explore this opportunity.


  1. A motion was made to close the meeting.So moved and seconded.